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Updated: March 20, 2024



Now Located At:

2343 Ben Franklin Hwy

Ebensburg, PA 15931

Parking Located in the Back of the Building!

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Currently On Tap


*Please check Facebook for daily changes*

1. Jaggerbush - American Wheat, Fermented with Red Raspberries


2. "Light" at the End of the Tunnel- Light American Lager

3. Pick and Shovel - German Altbier


4. Sulphur Crick - Hazy IPA


5. Coal Nugget- Imperial Red Ale 

6. Gonna Wanna Pucker- Orange Dreamsicle


7. Acid Mine Drainage- West Coast IPA


8. Miners Prayer - Belgian Triple, Fermented with Concord Grapes


9. Up the Kriek - Cherry Ale


10. Ebensburg PA- American Pale Ale


11. Canary in a Coalmine- Belgian Blonde Ale


12.Red Dirt Road-Irish Red w/ maple syrup 

13. 6" from Hell- Mango Habanero

14. Carbide Bit- German Maibock


15. Fly Ash- Dry Irish Stout


16. Jono's Jubilee- Belgian quad with cherries and maple aged on Bourbon Oak

*Check Facebook for daily changes*

Cocktails on Tap, Made with Cocho's Moonshine products:

17. Dicken's Cider

18. Appalacian Tea- sweet tea w lemondrop shine

19. PA Coal and Coke - Rum and Coke

20. Pindleton Coal - Strawberry Lemonade with Peach Whiskey

Sodas on Tap, Made in House, Non-Alcoholic:

21. Cream Soda

22. Pina Colada Soda

23. Blue Raspberry Soda

24. Birch Beer Soda

Our work


2343 Ben Franklin Hwy

Ebensburg, PA 15931

WE'RE BACK! Now open at our new location right off of 422 located in the back of the building, Coal Country Brewing is back in a bigger facility, but with the same great atmosphere we have had from the very beginning! 


Our handmade bar contains real Central Pennsylvania coal for an authentic atmosphere, as well as a variety of authentic Pennsylvania miner equipment and photographs throughout the bar. With our expanded tasting room and outdoor area, come enjoy one of our 16 different beers with some amazing people!

Our brewing is all done on site where customers can see the process first hand, while enjoying the final product.

Follow us on Facebook for our upcoming events and most recent updates!

The Taproom at Coal Country Brewing


"Without question, the greatest invention in the history of mankind is beer" - Dave Berry

Coal Country Brewing is a family owned and family operated brewery dedicated to providing quality beer. Founder and Brew Master, Mike Kutchman, took a weekend hobby and turned it into a dedicated profession. Through hard work, dedication, countless hours, and numerous trials of brewing, Coal Country Brewing has perfected the art of beer making. As a microbrewery, we are centered around the quality of our beer and support local businesses. Many of our ingredients are bought from local farmers and used to create the greatest invention in the history of mankind: beer.

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Contact Us

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